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Anime Instrumentality: Usagi Drop ED Single – High High High – Review

Jen: In the hustle and bustle of our lives, we hear everything except our own hearts. We rush through one assignment after another, one day after another, hardly ever given the opportunity to listen to ourselves and get in touch with our surroundings.

“High High High” symbolises the image of utopia most of us hold: to get away from the frenzy and just take to nature, leaving behind all our woes and doubts. The warmth behind the vocalist’s voice highlights the bliss in immersing himself in the most primordial joys, from the sound of the waves, to the wind on his face, to just listening to his favourite song on the radio with his companion beside him. Nearing the end however, we get a sense that even this joy is but mere escapism, making way for the second track in this single.

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