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Cast Revealed for Bleach's "Shinigami Daiko Shôshitsu-hen" Story Arc

October should be an exciting month for followers of Shonen Jump anime adaptations.

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nyobzoo3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

good, finally done with fillers again

baker_boi3986d ago

Haaagh...It wasn't so obvious in the beginning but as the Series went on I was able to definitely pick up on it.

This particular "arc" brought it right out. And that is, Bleach is a Yu Yu Hakusho rip or redux if you will.

It's followed the same story Arc of Yu Yu Hakusho all the way up to this point, albeit no "Dark Tournament" type deal was in Bleach.

They even gave Ichigo a "Spirit Gun". You know, his famous reiatsu eating move? Anyway, Kinda tired of the Bleach manga. It's Horrible story telling and abrupt and sudden ends to story lines are starting to annoy me.

Baka-akaB3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

Was very obvious in the beginning imo . It even follow theyuyu spirit hunter pattern , then quickly evolve , after a few minor fights and gain of allies , into a the regular 1v1 showdown you see in shonen fighting tournament or big arcs .

Then we even had nonsensical and uncontrolled power ups and transformation from ichigo during the arrancar/hueco mondo bit , as seen in Ichigo vs ulquiorra ... mirroring a bit Yusuke VS Sensui , being taken over by Raizen .

You also get the same sense and vibe , that at some point the author is clearly bored or dont have a clue what to do next , at an even more alarming rate than Togashi .

At least Togashi's skills are cuts above , and when bored he comes up withoriginal ways to cut to the chase or relaunch his series .

Bleach right now , while still pretty and enterttaining , is combining the worst aspects of DBZ , yuyu and saint seiya .
Especially keeping an overcrowed cast of capitains and shinigami , the author doesnt seem to know what to do with , and yet wont get rid off . Just like Saint Seiya ruined the gold saints by keeping them around forever only to make them a joke .