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[anizeen] Fall TV Anime Season 2011

Sometime it seems that the past rules what is to come in the near future. At least during the new Fall Anime Season, we could say that some characters from the past are here to show that they still got something to tell. We don't know how new it will be, but sure we are all waiting to hear from anime like Fate/Zero, Shakugan no Shana III (Final), Hunter x Hunter (2011) with new series or Rurouni Kenshin or Code Geass with an OVA.

We know what to expect from those characters and series, a lot of action, a lot of guts to reach certain goal and a couple jokes to change the mood. Now, with new animation techniques, it might be interesting to see what an oldie like Hunter X Hunter will look like. After all, there is a lot of story to tell coming from that long run manga.

Now, in terms of new series, as usual, you'll have a chance to find an anime for your particular taste. Starting with new seasons, Ika Musume comes back from the depths of the sea to conquer the world. Or, how about a new season from Bakuman where Takagi and Mashiro will try to fullfill their dream and become successful mangaka.

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Peaceful_Jelly3978d ago

I hope for something good because this entire year has been composed of a bunch of really weak animes.

ware4me3975d ago

Maybe that's why they are bringing back new anime from oldies like Fate/stay. :p

CLOUD19833978d ago

This guy forget maybe the best anime of fall 2011 season:

seriously how did he leave out of the list this jewel? fail for really bad research on this subject, do better next time.

KonohagakureFC3977d ago (Edited 3977d ago )

He didnt leave it out, its right there in his 2nd post just scroll down a little

You are right about his research being a bit off though, he thinks the new Code Geass is coming out this year, Im pretty sure they said 2012