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Dragon Ball Ultimate Blast Tokyo Game Show Promotional Video

A new video shows the game will include the major fights from the Saiyan Saga of Dragon Ball Z to the Buu Saga.

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tayz4089d ago

everybody can finally stop complaining now that a video with buu is out

DrRichtofen4089d ago

Thank goodness YEAH! Now hopefully I'll be able to play as the one and only Mr.Satan!

tayz4088d ago

he's such a joke lol. i remember in BT3 he gave like a gameboy to the person fighting and then ran. lol

Dday1414088d ago

Will I finally be able to play as the scariest, most vile beast in all of the Dragonball Universe? The Z fighter known as Bulma?

Soplox4087d ago

Now it need Dragon Ball and GT