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Peacemaker: Complete Series Review - Realm of Gaming

Haley Nicks states, "Peace Maker follows the story of Tetsunosuke Ichimura, a very short and hyperactive 15 year old. After witnessing the terrible murder of his parents, he and his older brother Tatsunosuke are left on their own to try and survive in the world. After two years of scrounging, Tatsunosuke gets a job as a book keeper with the Shinsengumi, a type of police force for the village that they live in. Tetsunosuke sees this as a perfect opportunity to try and join as well. His reasoning for joining is not the same as his brother's though, for while Tatsunosuke just wants to find a way to earn food for tomorrow, Tetsunosuke wants to become a soldier of the Shinsengumi to get stronger and hunt down those who murdered his parents."

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