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One Piece New World Promotions and Preview

The new episode is scheduled to air next week and a preview along with an image has been released.

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tayz3976d ago

I can't wait for the new song "We Go!" or the episode itself!!!!

batguyz3975d ago

This is the reason why to me,One piece is stomping on Naruto,they dont make stupid fillers and get right to it,kishi should learn from this instead of pushing stupid fillers ending with rasengan death blows all the time!

gaffyh3974d ago

One Piece does have fillers, they just better in general. But I'd expect fillers soon because it's caught up to the manga almost.

Puty3974d ago

Kishi has nothing to do with the plot of the fillers...

TopDudeMan3974d ago

Awesome. The next few episodes are gonna be awesome. I hope the fillers that eventually come won't last as long as the naruto and bleach ones have lasted in the last year or so.