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Naruto Shippuden October 2011 Schedule

The schedule for October reveals 4 new episodes fill air.

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tayz3974d ago

fillers continue!!! lol no real stuff until janury i bet!

gaffyh3971d ago

Wtf? It doesn't even need any fillers, it's probably the furthest away from the manga when compared to any of the other mega-shonen animes

rabidpancakeburglar3973d ago

Good thing I'm only reading the manga just now, I'll wait until the fillers are over before I watch the anime again.

silvacrest3972d ago

jesus, 3+ months of fillers is just sad, but the real question is why does naruto have the worst filler?

one piece, bleach, even fairy tale filler aint to bad but naruto's makes me want to just stop watching

tayz3972d ago

kishi doesnt do anything with the anime thats why. kubo and oda work with the anime people to make op and bleach

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