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Diehard GameFAN: Katanagatari Volume 2 Anime Review

DHGF: for fifty-six dollars, you are getting six hours of anime, two DVDs, two Blu-Ray discs, an artbook and a collector’s case to house the entire set. That’s not a bad deal by any standard. Volume Two is definitely a stronger set of episodes than those in Volume One so if you didn’t enjoy those, Volume Two just might change your mind about the series as a whole. I know it did me. I went into this review hoping I would be as bored as I was with a large chunk of Volume One and I came out pleasantly surprised by the second set of episodes and with a favourable opinion of Katanagatari as a whole. If you’ve been on the fence about the series due to the entire collection costing a little over $100, my advice would be to watch an episode from Volume One and then one from Volume Two to see if it is something you want to purchase. Katanagatari definitely isn’t the strongest anime offering from Nippon Ichi, and the things about the series that make it stand out will either make someone love it or hate it so “try before you buy” (if you can) if definitely the way to go here.

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