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The Fall 2011 Anime Preview Guide

ANN: "Welcome to Anime News Network's Fall 2011 Preview Guide! By now you know the drill: our team of critics write up their impressions instantly and they get posted as they go along. Each critic will cover as many shows as they can handle, resulting in alternate takes on most every show (sometimes on more than one episode!). Check back a couple of times every day during the guide and you're likely to see something new!

This is an ongoing guide. Throughout the next week or two we'll be updating as often as possible with new perspectives on new episodes from each of our team of critics. New reviews will be posted as soon as they're written."

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JAMurida3964d ago

Some good ones on that list.

I just hope Mirai Nikki follows the manga... Completely.

SynGamer3963d ago

C3 doesn't appear to be getting very favorable scores. So far, Fate/Zero is the only title that looks remotely interesting. I'll be checking this preview throughout the week as they continue to update.