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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations Hokage Scan

The first, second, and fifth Hokage have all been confirmed as playable characters.

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tayz3965d ago

this was like the best scan for this game yet!

Rai3963d ago

now that i see that picture it seems like each generation of hokage is getting less flashy.

the first created the konoha forest
the second can use water without any water around him
the third used only techniques that come out of him.
the fourth basically had 2 main techniques
the fifth just hits hard and heals.

Baka-akaB3963d ago

Given how high level healings techniques arent that numerous , and usually got strong side effects ... not sure i'd qualify the fifth as "just hits hard and heals" .

Especially when tsunade's techniques go far beyond healing and can be effective attacks ... like shutting down neural systems

Rai3963d ago

so you wanted me to say high level healing?

Baka-akaB3963d ago

Nah just that the way you word it make it sounds like minor stuff .

Anyway i dont see each hokage as less flashy each new iteration and agree with your theory .

The 3rd didnt just use "stuff coming out of him" was actually a master at elemental jutsus , quite a beast in taijutsu , and had a powerful summon that even took a staff's shape.

I agree even elss when he's sometimes called the strongest of all five .

The fourth wasnt exactly less flashy ... a taijutsu god moving like lightning with space time technique and you call him a two trick pony ?
Even weirder when he can also do sealing jutsus .

Back to tsunade , the way she fight is already flashy enough and you add her medical skills on top