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Persona 4 - Episode 1 Review [Capsule Computers]

Check out Capsule Computers review of the first episode of Persona 4: The Animation.

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futurefrog4077d ago

It's the view of someone who knows nothing about Persona. Respect it as he respects your opinion.

TheColbertinator4077d ago

I respect the reviewer's opinion but he is still a crackhead with a crackhead review.

futurefrog4077d ago

Why is he a crackhead? It makes no sense.

futurefrog4077d ago

I personally think he had some very valid points regarding the series.

nyobzoo4074d ago

I agree with the reviewer, I saw the 1st episode and thought it they were rushing the anime to fit everything in, it's pretty much like every video game to anime adaptation, short and way too much content removed to fit the time slot it has