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Bleach: The Lost Substitute Shinigami Arc Previews

Two previews of the new Bleach arc have been revealed.

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Neko_Mega3962d ago

Already been watching this, their hasn't been fillers for along time..... Unlike Naruto.

Ryasha3962d ago

What are you talking about? The last 32 episodes of Bleach have been filler.

Neko_Mega3962d ago

When have you been? I'm already on ep342.

So I have not idea what you are talking about, Naruto seems to be losing their people because of all the fillers it has been having.

Ryasha3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

Other than the very end of 342, the episode was filler.
The entire arc was filler.
Every episode after Ichigo beat Aizen was filler.
Bleach has been in filler since March and it's just now ending.

tayz3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

naruto and bleach have both had fillers for a few months now. one piece is back and so will be bleach now. just time to wait for naruto to straighten their act

Neko_Mega3962d ago

So far I think Naruto has been having more, I'm ready for them to get to that damn island already.

Ryasha3962d ago

Naruto just went back into filler two months ago. Probably won't have any non-filler episode until next month at the earliest but I personally don't expect any until next year.

thehitman3962d ago

I think bleach has the most fillers out of any anime i watched by far and to add the worst. It seems after every 10-15 regular shows they have 30 shows of fillers. Naruto is in filler mode too but at least they gave us a looot of episodes w/o filler before going into their filler run and they are semi decent not fully retarded like bleach. You can watch bleach and not remember what the main arc/story mode like Neko_Mega thinking he is not watching fillers lol!

FlashXIII3962d ago

What on Earth are you waffling on about.. Naruto fillers semi decent? Are you kidding me? The last two major filler arcs for Bleach were amazing story driven with some great battles. The Naruto ones are one episode nonsense with such bad storylines that it looks like that a 6 year old came up with them.