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Anime Evo: Sekaiichi Hatsukoi 02 Episode 01 Review

Anime Evo: Boys~ Its good to see you all again! :’D I hadn’t had the highest of hopes for a season 2 so this is just…icing. It was a cute episode to start season 02 with and it felt like falling back into old patterns without any sense of gap. Though I thought that the animation was a tad iffy at some points. THAT or Ritsu’s neck grew a bit…or he got a hair cut *shrugs* One thing though, I don’t mind the lack of sex in the episode. Hell, I felt that the way they pulled it off in this episode was a lot more sweeter than it was in the manga. I dunno which was the best scene of this episode….Ritsu being drunk as hell or when Takano tells Ritsu that he doesn’t care if Ritsu has a fiancee. I’m leaning towards drunk! Ritsu. Uguuuu such a cute rambly drunk~

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