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Anime Evo: Fairy Tail 100

Anime Evo:

Its here! Episode 100 of Fairy Tail. We’ve been following this series for about a hundred weeks! It seems that I’m the person who’s more excited about this prospect than the series itself, but hey, that’s okay. Fairy Tail is fairly uncompromising in its story, and that’s one of the reasons why its such a joy to watch every week. This week, we dove into who exactly Mest was, and not only that, Natsu ran into the other major element of this arc…. ALREADY! I’m beyond shocked at how Fairy Tail’s latest arc refuses to pull any punches. In many ways, its of the quality that one of my favorite series of all time, Durarara!! is, in that it doesn’t hold anything close to the chest and just does whatever the viewers are most excited to see, adds more mysteries as it shows those exciting events, and then moves on to the next one.

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