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Fan Service: Actual Favor or Destructive Device?

Fan service is in the majority of anime on the market. However, is it starting to turn away potential fans as well as veterans?

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D3acon3961d ago

"Fan service" has always been in the more mature anime. I think now it is being usd more without reason. Physics should play more of a part than it does now hen they draw female characters breasts jiggling. As an example of unnecessary excess high school of the dead; there is one scene in particular where the protagonist is shooting a riffle for the firet time and there a female character dodging each bullet. The bullet travels and each individual breast must dodge the bullet. However even if there was a lot of "fan service " it shouldn't stop you from enjoying a good story . In short its not something to be abused and definitely something that should not be forced.

CrescentFang3960d ago

Highschool of the Dead doesn't really count... the mangaka is well known for do H-related works so it's expected). There are a lot of adult VNs and H-mangaka's works getting turned into anime nowadays). You just need to know what kind of stuff you are getting into before you watch an anime. Also I find it strange how a light novel anime can incorporate fan service, especially the ones that are just all about fan service (I wonder how the novel really is like haha)

NewVegasTroop3943d ago

fan service is great, i freaking loved highschool of the dead, i mean it had everything, great story, great characters, wemon with big breats, women with big breats AND guns, not to mention it had zombies.....