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Fighting Manga Piracy With Stupidity

AnalogHype: "You can take out the word manga and insert just about anything tangible or intangible that’s hard to get and you’d find someone willing to break the law to give it to you. I’m not pro or anti Pirate Bay, scanlations or illegal downloads; to me it is what it is and will be what it will be. The only thing that irks me about the constant whining, over-regulation and finger pointing is that after all the fuss dies down, nothing changes."

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jwalkerz3960d ago

it's the industry fault for taking long to translate manga to other languages

Flavor3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

If you think that websites making ad revenue off other people's work, without paying them for the content, is okay or sustainable, you are ignorant or a hypocrite.

The 'solutions' put forth by the article are childish. make a deal with scanlation sites about what to put up? What do you do when another site pops up with your content and steals your audience, genius? Make a deal with them too? Extortion.

And the part where it turns into 'tear down the big meanie corporations' and preaches independent publishing... let me tell you from experience... making a comic is hard enough. Promoting, distributing, and printing an AAA title is even harder. Take a look at those free & independent webcomics when you have a chance. They are almost without exception garbage.

The manga industry is on the verge of collapse. There are three titles supporting the entire structure: Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach. Bleach is on life support and naruto is nearing conclusion. There is NOTHING there to replace them. this is not my observation, this is from their own trade journal. Mobile devices are cannibalizing what's left.

raiden-493960d ago

I would say Fairy tail and blue exocist would do.

Yi-Long3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

... where would manga and anime be in the west WITHOUT piracy!? It's pretty much the way this stuff gets promoted and finds an audience in the west, after which the industry recognizes the demand and reacts.

The only thing that's harming the industry, is the industry itself, asking crazy amounts of money for little content. When you buy anime and manga legally, you're paying top-price, especially here in Europe.

Apart from ridiculous pricing, there's hardly any marketing, and the shows that get bought for western release on TV, are usually ruined by piss-poor dubs and occasionally even editing/cuts/censorship.

People who are into anime, the supposed target-audience, are not interested in a butchered up version, so obviously they will download a superiour product (uncut, subbed) for free online.

That said, if the industry really is in trouble, they're clearly doing something wrong. More and more people are open-minded enough to go and check out anime/manga. You think 15 years ago there were this many different manga's being sold in the west? Are you kidding me!?

The demand is there. More than ever. But the industry is too incompetent and too greedy, so consumers are looking for better solutions to their gravings.

Also, like most people here, I buy the best, and test the rest.

mamotte3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

I'd buy manga if they were more avaliable to me. But I live in south america. That means I have to wait until the manga is translated (with luck) to english, then it goes to Spain, when its translated to spanish (with even more luck). So, not even the 50% of the manga is translated to english, from those selected (and only commercial) mangas, 50% are translated to spanish. And then, with a miracle, it comes here to buy it legally. That process takes about 1-2 years, and I have to pay quadruple the price for it.

I can import from USA (as I have little problems with english) but still I have to pay the cargo, and bring one single manga here isn't a viable option.

So, sorry, I'd like to support it, but... no.

If they want to sell manga worldwide, they should do it REAL worldwide.

Redempteur3960d ago

I buy manga , and i read online ...
reading a chapter 2 years late is hardly what i call a good job from the industry

256bit3960d ago

those that read scans only and dont buy. shouldnt even have a negative or a postive opinion at all. these artist need to make a living as well. no excuse bullshit as "oh but at least their work is being read" thats no excuse. Is it all right for me walk into a store and stealing a gallon of milk. no? then i guess its ok cause at least iam going to their store right?

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