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iAX Review: “Oreimo: Limited Edition Complete Box Set” (DVD)

iAX: "Kyousuke Kosaka’s 14-year old sister Kirino is the perfect teenage girl in almost every way. She’s a model, a track and field prodigy and she’s also one of the top students in their prefecture. Her only secret? She’s completely obsessed with imouto eroge (little sister erotic games), which as we all know is pretty much to the chagrin of society. How will their parents handle the fact that their lovely daughter is engaging herself with such a demeaning hobby? Will Kirino ever be able to find someone who will understand her hobby, no matter how strange it seems? What transpires in Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai (lit. My Little Sister Can’t be this Cute) to answer these questions are what gives the story its real meat as the series teaches a moral lesson on how important it is to be yourself, without beating you over the head with a magical rod."

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