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Anime Evo: Sekaiichi Hatsukoi 02 Episode 14 Review

Anime Evo: A cute episode where we see a lot of significant points coming up. Takano’s trust in Ritsu as an editor and how much Ritsu has already fallen for Takano. But is still firmly swimming upstream in denial over the whole thing :| Ritsu…honey…wake up and smell the coffee. Yer already way past the point of “i think i’m falling for him” and firmly entrenched within the ‘oh yeah im totally in love with him *blush blush*’ area kay? Other amusing antics in this episode have to be how Ritsu’s idea of Christmas has changed over the year, the editors getting together for a drink AND Takano yelling at Ritsu, calling him a big idiot. Oh yes, that was major win in my books. (Guess who will be planning to use that for her message alert tone?) And the ending…oh GOD that was such a sweet, heart warming ending!

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