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No, We Do NOT Need an Akira Remake

Charlotte rants about the blasphemy that is the Akira remake greenlight.

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Reibooi3943d ago

Um... we are not getting a remake. We are getting a Live action movie which isn't claiming to be a remake of the animated version.

That said I do feel the same as most out there. It will almost certainly fail due to changes that make no sense and horrible casting(aka White washing).

Chances are rather high that I will never bother seeing it. Even if it does come out and get great reviews it will most likley be for all the wrong reasons. I just don't see a good Akira movie being made. They might be able to make a decent movie and slap on the Akira name but making a good Akira movie is another story and I just don't see it happening.

256bit3943d ago

agree. its an adaption of the manga but people cant even see to realize it. people these days cant understand the difference.

Flavor3942d ago

It will be unrecognizable, don't worry.

bunfighterii3942d ago

even if its an adaptation from the manga and not the film, i still can't help but think they won't do it justice and will just put a blight on a manga and a film I love so much.

They owe it to the legions of fans to get it right but I doubt it, But last I heard, Garret Hedlund was cast in the leading role and James Cameron was involved. I think it'll be a travesty. James Cameron hasn't made anything good since Aliens, and the whole idea of 'Americanising' a manga classic is sickening. Half the appeal of any manga is their unique Japanese character, which will totally disappear from this.