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FUNimation Entertainment Acquires One Piece Season 4

One Piece season 4 DVDs are set to come to North America in the summer of 2012.

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tayz3936d ago

they should work on getting the new episodes before Japan airs them.

kingPoS3935d ago

Season 4!!! At that rate it'll be 2017 bfore FUNimation even comes close to catches up.

Who'd want to wait 'THAT' long?

Reibooi3935d ago

Like it or not it's the fans who are to blame for this. The show is extremely popular both in the US and Japan and yet the US fans don't buy the DVD's. The shows sells enough to make a little profit(hence why FUni continue to slowly put more of it out) However it's not selling like hot cakes like it should considering the immense fan base the show has and this causes Funi to not bother putting the show on the fast track for it's DVD releases. If the show sold more it would be released much faster. It's that simple.

However this is all a moot point unless you prefer the dub(like I do) Those who want to see the subs can watch Funi's streams which are airing as the shows airs in Japan and will not have to worry about falling behind.