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Sony Possibly Working on Bleach for PS3 or Vita

Saiyan Island writes that the next Sony game will be based on the Bleach anime/manga series.

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tayz3208d ago

plz be a fighter for PS3!!!!

Anarki3207d ago

Vita is not PS3, however there is already a game for PS3 in development... a fighter.. Think it's soul recognition or something along those lines.

tayz3207d ago

that came out like a few months ago!!

DrRichtofen3207d ago

You're right the Vita is not a PS3, however the possible Bleach game is in development for either the PS3 or Vita. Hopefully PS3 =)

256bit3207d ago

Sony Possibly Working on Bleach for "PS3 OR Vita"

Noctis Aftermath3207d ago

I hope it's not like the PS3 bleach game, that was just a button masher, the demo was awful.

Also i wouldn't mind something similar to naruto ultimate ninja storm 2, but less grindy for the single player, or just a 2d fighter like blazblue (but better).

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colonel1793207d ago

They need to make it la Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series. I like the "cinematic" feel of the fights.

Lord_Sloth3207d ago

PS3 Soul Ignition sequel! I enjoyed that game!

koga883205d ago

Mmm I don't think there would be a sequel for that. There really isn't any content to draw from and I don't think it did well outside of Japan.

Ezetta3207d ago

Please be a fighter for the PS3. And a GOOD fighter, like Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm!