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Jason Thompson's House of 1000 Manga Gojin

ANN: "In the basement under my house, next to the corpses and the pit with the bucket of skin lotion where I keep manga artists who I have kidnapped from American conventions in order to make my "mangaka suit", is my collection of old manga in Western comics format. Flipped left-to-right, cut up into 32-page segments, sometimes with arbitrary chapter breaks and cutoff points in the middle of a story…that's how manga used to be published, on cheap, inky, fibrous paper that's useful for lining the floor to soak up blood. Most of the old Viz and Dark Horse titles were later rereleased as graphic novels, but titles from the smaller publishers (and a lot of unpopular Viz and DH titles as well) survive only in the form of 32-page booklets, crammed together in dusty cardboard longboxes shaped like children's coffins. I hope you're enjoying this serial killer metaphor as much as I am."

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