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Hollywood Reporter: Keira Knightley Approached for Role in Akira Film

Tron: Legacy's Garrett Hedlund in negotiations with Warner for role of Kaneda

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futurefrog3250d ago

Why do you always comment on your own things? Aren't you busy copy and pasting articles over at Saiyan Island?

JD_Shadow3249d ago

So...we can't comment on the stories we post now?

And aren't personal attacks unallowed on here?

Reibooi3249d ago

I would say no to this simply because it would mean they are making the mistake of white washing the entire cast(which shocks no one)

Noctis Aftermath3249d ago

They should AT LEAST have some hot japanese chick as the main female character, i mean, there are heaps of hot japanese actors, no need to white wash the movie, everyone loves hot asians.

BinaryMind3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

I don't mind what they are doing to the cast, just don't mess up the script (they will).

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Bolts3249d ago

Great, a white chick staring in a Japanese movie.

Deadpool6163249d ago

Yep. They're basically turning something Japanese into something Western. This movie isn't just a slap in the face, it's also a kick in the crotch.

tayz3249d ago

i heard they will make "Neo Tokyo" into "Neo Manhattan"

koga883248d ago

Yeah I heard the same. Probably just to help create a more familiar setting for the audience. Probably also makes things easier for the crew as far as costs go as well.

Pozzle3249d ago

Ugh. Once again, Hollywood is whitewashing a non-white movie.

For once it would be nice to see Japanese protagonists in a blockbuster movie who aren't just there to be martial artists or stereotypical 'Asian nerds'. :(

Lord_Sloth3249d ago

I don't mind that they're turning the characters into Americans in an American city but why Keira Knightley? I just don't like her.

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