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Top 20 Shonen Jump Manga People Gave Up On

When a manga runs long or starts drifting away from itself, many people could simply drop reading them. What Shonen Jump manga have been dropped the most by Japanese readers? Find out inside.

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Cat3933d ago

While the pacing of manga is more suited than most media to "last", it's still really difficult for a story (and doesn't feel right calling it that, since they're comprised of so many arcs! so, a Story) to sustain itself. Strikes me that most successful manga begin and are picked up b/c they have one story to tell - the creator has a trajectory in mind. It's not always possible to replicate that time and again with the same character and universe *and* appeal to the original audience.

Buuhan13933d ago

One Piece is number 3?! I know it is long, but that surprises me due to just how HUGE it is in Japan. I expected it to be way up in the list with Dragonball. It is kinda flabbergasting that more people have stuck with Bleach than One Piece.

Chidori3933d ago

You would mistake this for a list of the most popular manga in japan. I guess the more popular, the more people check it out, thus resulting in the more possible people to drop it.

I speak for myself when I say I have lost ALL faith in Bleach. This year has been unbearable for bleach, I just couldn't take it anymore

CLOUD19833933d ago

I stop reading Bleach for a long time after Aizen arc because I was super bored with the full bring saga it was major turn down after all the awesome battles in Aizen saga but I start reading again when Ichigo get his power back I hope it will be more interesting from now on.