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Darker Than Black: Gemini of the Meteor Review [Capsule Computers]

FUNimation's Darker Than Black Season 2 is going to be released next week. Read what we think about Darker Than Black: Gemini of the Meteor inside.

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Kur03934d ago

I've never seen such a good series get so screwed over in it's second season.

Lavalamp3934d ago

I quite enjoyed the second season. I mean, I think it lost that gripping atmosphere and sense of mystery that made the first season extremely compelling to watch, but the characters were the real highlight of the second season.

firefoxprime3934d ago

Absolutely agree. I just couldn't stomach the second season. At all... Got as far as ep 3.

@DarkFocus: I hear the 2nd season episodes aren't even dubbed. They're just subtitled by funi! I really do hope I'm wrong...

koga883934d ago

You are wrong. The characters are all English dubbed and the commentary sections are all provided by the English voice cast. The only part that is still Japanese dubbed and English subbed are the opening and ending songs.

Of course you can also listen to the Japanese dub with English subs if you are keen to do so.

firefoxprime3933d ago

Good to hear. Unfortunate I still won't be watching the 2nd season. Maybe another time.

Darkfocus3934d ago

dammit I thought they made another season...turns out that the second season I watched over a year ago is just now being localized... -_-