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iAX Review: “the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya” (DVD/Blu-Ray)

iAX: "Years from now, anime watchers will view the Haruhi series as a landmark in mainstream Japanese animation no matter how polarizing its become. With Tatsuya Ishihara’s avant-garde approach to his adaptation of Nagaru Tanigawa’s series of light novels, season one using a nonlinear narrative and season two’s “endless eight”, the Haruhi series has captured the attention of viewers worldwide about the exploits of the SOS Brigade and their rambunctious would-be-goddess leader, Haruhi Suzumiya."

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Lavalamp3894d ago

I really enjoyed this film. Exploring Yuki like that brought such a profound situation to the surface of her character, and it really made me feel for her. The way it dealt her the cold hand of fate left me questioning the very premise of the show itself. I'm dying to know how they will resolve the remaining threads of that unfinished narrative in the future installments.

Reibooi3893d ago

I loved this movie a ton. I couldn't find a single thing to dislike about it. Before seeing it I had read that alot of folks thought it was way to long but it didn't feel nearly as long as it is when watching(nor did it feel as long on the repeat viewings). There isn't a spot in the movie where i could confidently say that "this doesn't need to be here"

The story the movie has to tell is quite the tale and it's focus around my 2 favorite characters Yuki and Kyon made it all that much more appealing. It really did have everything. There were funny bits, Drama, sweet moments and moments where you would gasp.

It's in my opinion the best adaptation of any of the Haruhi material thus far and I hope to see more in the future as this is certainly the high water mark as far as the animated series goes.