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Redline Blu-ray Review [Twitch]

Twitch: "It's not often that I write two reviews for the same film almost within a month from each other, but for Takeshi Koike's "Redline" I will gladly make an exception. Now for those with a big wallet this film was actually available already from Japan with English subtitles, but the first truly English-friendly version (meaning: with an English dub as well) will be released by Manga UK within a week in several editions, with even the most pimped version costing only a fraction of the Japanese disc.

"Redline" is one of my favorite films out of all I've seen this year and sure is worth owning on BluRay. But will the Manga UK releases do the film justice? They sent me the retail version and the happy news is: oh hell yes! I had an exhilirating time in the cinema with this film but it is also infinitely rewatchable at home, and a marvel to behold on HD."

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