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"Yamato 2199" Anime Remake Film Teaser

The official site for the Space Battleship Yamato 2199 anime remake film is live, and it has the very first teaser trailer for the Yutaka Izubuchi-directed project

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Archaic3930d ago

Is it just me, or have there been a fairly large number of sequels, continuations and remakes in recent years? Not that I'm complaining about more Yamato, mind you.

Flavor3929d ago

It's much cheaper, and in many ways safer, to use tried and tested formulas opposed to banking on something new. For every harry potter or inception, there's a thousand flops.

The Japanese media industry is in deep financial trouble, even worse than Hollywood, and it can hardly afford to take risks.

It makes sense on paper, but in reality it just stagnates the medium, turns off fans, and shuts out new ideas.

tarbis3929d ago

I never really got to watch the whole Yamato series but I know of it. So, this is a big welcome for me.