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Naruto Generations: Substitutions, Naruto vs Sasuke at Samurai Bridge

A brand new scan details substiution jutsus and shows a screenshot of Naruto vs Sasuke.

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tayz3921d ago

this scan is just pure win. i been wiating forevr for something new so when i saw this i was sooo happy!

crxss3919d ago

thank god naruto has a new move. that would have been retarded if they didn't change him up even a little bit.

tayz3919d ago

every1 should have at least 1 new move to make the game different from storm 2. or else ppl complain even tho its just as good as before

crxss3919d ago

ya but especially naruto, he's the main character and they hadn't done anything different for him up until that screenshot. i hope they give him an alternative costume for sage mode or something too, like a normal naruto but in sage mode since he never wears that red robe again.