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What You Should be Watching: Fullmetal Alchemist - Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is the best animated show to come from Japan in a while. Maybe it's the great cast of characters, story about death and genocide, humor or the magical use of alchemy that tickles the imagination. Either way, you should be watching it!

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NagaSotuva3545d ago

I hope the guy in the second image is ok.

Sadie21003544d ago

This series seems like it's been around so long now, I imagine it'd be really hard to get into it now.

BldyShdw3544d ago

Actually, no it's not. The original series only had 51 episodes and a movie. Brotherhood (which follows the Manga more closely) is like 62 it's really not that long and there is no boring filler to sit through.

LouisGarcia3544d ago

Yeah, the series is done now, so it's easy to jump in. You can even watch Brotherhood for free on YouTube.

trenso13544d ago

its a great series i liked brotherhood more than the original fullmetal alchemist anime. but both are great, if you were to only watch one version I'd recommend brotherhood.

DrRichtofen3544d ago

This is probably my most favorite show! I can't wait for the movie next year!

LouisGarcia3544d ago

I'm so excited for the movie! Brotherhood is one of my favorite series.

LouisGarcia3544d ago

The final Blu-ray came out this summer, and there is still a movie coming, so it's not too old!

Lavalamp3543d ago

This is old to you!? Geez, by your standards, Neon Genesis Evangelion must seem like a fossilized relic of an ancient past.

thehitman3543d ago

I watched full season like over 2 years ago thats pretty old. This article acts like full metal is new.

tarbis3544d ago

I'm still loving this show even after I finished watching it.

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