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Diehard GameFAN: Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi Review

DHGF: While Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi is a big step up from Raging Blast 2, compared to the first Raging Blast it has some flaws and loading issues. The combat system has been simplified quite a bit and some of your combos are left to a random selection by the player which will infuriate some fighting game players, but it also serves to put people on a level playing field with other even if one player is more experienced. While it’s nice to have a character creation system, it needs more options to it than to simply create a variation of existing Saiyans. Even with the issues I think it’s a stronger game than the previous two entries and I’ve enjoyed it quite a bit. It catches more of what I think Dragon Ball Z felt like while watching it, and at the same time giving players the option to do their own thing by exploring the landscape a bit.

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