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Sailor Moon Live-Action Movie made by the Fans for the Fans

A fan made Sailor Moon movie has surfaced online. Follow the link to check it out.

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SynGamer4082d ago

I haven't watched the anime in years, quite possibly over a decade ago actually, but damn was this terrible. We live in the year 2011 (almost 2012), there are free tools and filters to soften camera footage so it doesn't look as amateur as this does. And the "acting"...

Fan-made movies are like cosplaying (literally), either do it right, or don't do it at all please.

Archaic4082d ago

Or like fanfiction or fanart, to be honest.

Still, I'll give them props for at least having the guts and the determination to go out there and try this. No actor was ever instantly good, it's just that before the advent of sites like Youtube, we never really saw actors exposed globally before they were at the top of their game.

SynGamer4082d ago

True, but having watched this video, it just oozes of over-the-top-ness, with little actual effort in the acting. Still, I concede that they have guts for releasing this :)

Archaic4081d ago

If you think that's over the top, try and get your hands on a video of the Sailor Moon musicals they ran in Japan for about a decade or so. Now that's really over the top. ;)

Though I suppose what this is really going to be compared to is the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon live action TV series from about 5-6? years ago. That was pretty over the top too, as I recall.

futurefrog4081d ago

It is funny, but it is actually not too bad for amatuers.

shadowknight2034081d ago

I actually found it pretty bad in comparison to anything. Just being brutally honest.

futurefrog4081d ago

Shadowknight, I would like to see you make a movie of Sailor Moon that is better than this. You expect too much. This is a fan made movie with amateur actors. Not a hollywood blockbuster with a massive budget and pro actors.

SynGamer4080d ago

I've seen amateur look far better than this. And the old, cliched "I'd like to see you make something better..." is, well, old. I mean, just because someone doesn't like something doesn't mean they need to try it themselves. That's why these things are called opinions ;)

NellyNel_7_1_34082d ago

I thought it was ok for a fan made movie.. It felt like a tv series then a movie, but other than that kudos, to the actors/actress for atleast trying...

i love the sailor moon anime series to death, and it would take a lot of work to capture what the anime have and turn it into a real life.. Like i said they tried and i would love to see more live action anime get their chance to hit the big screen or youtube someday...

futurefrog4082d ago

Yeah you are definitely right. I enjoyed it regardless :)

Archaic4081d ago

It's pretty difficult to compare any of the live action adaptations of Sailor Moon, the musicals and the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon TV Show, to the anime, or even the manga. The storylines are just so different, and each version of the franchise seems to go in very different directions. Some focus more on the romance, others more on comedy, still others more on the slice of life aspect.

NumOnePS3FanBoy4081d ago

Haha! This brings back memories. I was always hypnotized by their Stacy Kiebler like legs ;)

rataranian4081d ago

Why is she 4 ft wider than Sailor Moon was?