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Viz Speed-Up One Piece Manga Digital Release

Viz Media have announced they will be speeding up the digital releases of One Piece. Follow the link for more information.

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LinkageAX4070d ago

Set-sail for One Piece/ It's the name of the treasure/ in the grand-liyen/ Set-sail for One Piece.

futurefrog4070d ago

His Zolo (no it's Zoro) he's just like a Samurai (actually he's not at all) and there's an L.A.D.Y, Nami's not shy (So her only character trait is being a woman who isn't shy?), Usopps doing that marksmen thing (what thing? I do not comprehend), Sanji's cooking (Err... yes he is), Choppers Doctoring!! (WTF! That isn't even a word!)