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Ghibli overload: Ghibli Retrospective at NYC this winter

Japanator's Jeff Chuang writes, "For the first time ever, every single Ghibli major production from Nausicaä up to Ponyo is on display in New York. The New York International Children's Film Fest folks are throwing a Ghibli retrospective at the IFC Center by showing us weeks long (starting from December 16th to January 12th) of these cherished anime classics, with new 35mm masters."

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Deadpool6164071d ago

Studio Ghibli has made some incredible animated movies. I just recently watched Howl's Moving Castle and it was so much better than I imagined. It won't be a movie I will ever forget.

Nodoze4068d ago

I would take my son to every one of these....but don't live in NY.

How about a tour around the country!?