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Anime Say! Episode 2 - The Problem With Shonen

In this weeks video cast of Anime Say! Capsule Computers' anime expert Luke Halliday, discusses the problem with the Shonen genre as a whole.

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futurefrog4072d ago

This was an awesome ep this week.

gaffyh4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

Would you really care if you actually were dead? I think you'd have more important things to worry about, if you were DEAD!

I agree about the manga authors though, but all they need is a fail-safe where they right down the ending, which is revealed to the publishers/studio if the author dies.

I actually like mega-shounens, because in most animes you get to know the characters, and then the show finishes without a real conclusion. They always want to leave the ending open just in case they make a new series.

Thing is, even though they're not finishing, the canon in all of them is still really good, except Bleach at the moment. That's one they could have EASILY finished. With Naruto and One Piece you can tell they have actually thought about future arcs and have set them up properly, with Bleach, they totally DID NOT.

ShoryukenII4071d ago

One Piece is the best. It has gone on longer than both Bleach and Naruto and has the least amount of fillers. The fillers are less intrusive and usually expand on the story's background (like One Piece: Strong World). I like Naruto and the last non-filler episodes of Bleach were some of the best I have seen in any anime (Yamamoto vs Aizen was amazing), they just don't plan things out well. It's sad that I haven't watched Bleach in nearly a year and it is still in fillers...

gaffyh4070d ago

It's actually not in fillers any more, it is canon now. But most of the manga readers have said that the current canon arc felt like filler in the manga.

futurefrog4072d ago

Do you agree about the state of shonen series?

Cybermario4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

i do, see i love shows like Saint Seiya and Dragonball Z, specially DBZ was long, really long but had an ending.

Naruto and Bleach (one piece too) seems they will never end, when ichigo beat aizen "ok show may end after this: and "woah...?!" is absurd.

rezzah4071d ago


These shows are not long compared to others out there. At least they have a story of strong characters.

Naruto will end when he becomes Hokage, and that will likely happen after the war.

Bleach is all about Ichigo. Aizen was only the first obstacle, there is still more to bleach than just Aizen. each character will be deeply explored as we have already seen with other characters.

Fillers in Bleach are pointless, but in Naruto they explore days of character's past between main parts of the story. Bleach explores character's past during the telling of the main story. So that leaves fillers of randomness for bleach.

ShoryukenII4071d ago

I think they hinted at something about the Soul King in earlier episodes and in one of the first few episodes,a hollow came from hell. So there are other places to go but I know what you mean by how it could have ended.

masterabbott4072d ago

I agree its worse than days of our lives, that shit never ends.

rabidpancakeburglar4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

Commenting on your reply to future frog ^^

I think that naruto has an end in sight as there seems to be no way that they can continue it beyond the war.

I agree about Bleach that really should have ended after Aizen (although it would have been a pretty weak ending) but it looks like they have no plans to end it any time soon.

I would say that one piece needs to end as it has been almost 650 chapters but at the same time I really don't want it ending any time soon as it has me completely captivated and waiting to see what happens next.

I think that the perfect length for an manga/anime is about 250 to 350 chapters/episodes as that leaves plenty of room for a satisfying story and means I'll be less likely to crave more as I do with some smaller ones that I've read and watched.

badboy994072d ago

Man bleach why isnt it ended yet it sucks!

naruto is probably gonna end after shinobi war but still went for way too long

one piece gone heaps long too

I miss the days when shonen actually ended

jerethdagryphon4071d ago

the plan is for bleach to end after the next 3 main arcs , the fullbringeres is a prelude to it

koga884072d ago

Pretty good episode, though the background music got a little too loud compared to your voice at the last couple of minutes. Besides that I would have to agree that there eventually needs to be a stopping point. A good series knows when to wrap itself up before becoming a mess.

JS_CC4072d ago

I gotta agree with you koga88.

badboy994072d ago

there was no sound problem he sounded fine to me o.O'

koga884072d ago

For the most part it sounded fine, only the last two minutes of the video seemed to have the background music louder than his own voice. Could have just been me.

trendor4072d ago

like badboy i did not see any problem with the sound quality. i do agree with you about good series knowing to wrap it up though

LinkageAX4072d ago

Well spoken video, absolutely loved it. And that guy is incredibly hawt :3

JS_CC4072d ago

Good episode. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

I can't believe they would want to continue certain series and not have a conclusion. There has to be one someday.

trendor4072d ago

your not wrong JSCC. I wish naruto would hurry up and finish!!

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