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SPECULATION: One Piece Kaizoku Musou 15+ Playable Characters?

Saiyan Island writes about what characters should be in the new One Piece game.

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tayz3824d ago

I pray there will be more characters. I want Hancock!!!

futurefrog3824d ago

This is fake as. Just Saiyan Island saying "THIS IS THE CHARACTERS, Maybe?" There is no real rumour here. Just Saiyan Island up to their usual underhanded tactics lol.

tayz3824d ago


how do u know? there like almost always right with the rumors. like i remember they said for naruto the 1st and 2nd hokage would be playable and then later they proved it with a scan

futurefrog3824d ago

They are always wrong tayz. Or they speculate the most obvious shit. 1st and 2nd Hokage was so bloody obvious for Generations. Saiyan Island are tools

tayz3823d ago

The rumor got confirmed!!! there are 15 playable characters!!!!

futurefrog3823d ago

Tayz, this was not even a fucking rumour. It was obvious there would be 15 characters. If you have played any Musou series youd see that they usually have around 50. This was just completely un-newsworthy to the point of being spam in my opinion.

tayz3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

lol you're not making any sense. 15 is a different number then 50.
btw i called it! i knew saiyan island is always right w/ the rumors! they say things like it could be fake but when they post its like its official!

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koga883824d ago

Seems justifiable. Most musou games have like... 50+ characters to play as. To make it the best they could they could open up free play sessions of the title to incorporate all of the Admirals, Shichibukai and major villains as well. One Piece has a huge treasure trove of characters to choose from.

tayz3824d ago

Ya your right DW7 has like 50 characters, but when they made the first one it had only 16. There gonna want to make as many as they can cause OP is super popular in Japan

Deadpool6163824d ago

Tecmo is known for technical fighting in Ninja Gaiden and Koei is known for crowd fighting in Dynasty Warriors. Maybe the moveset of each character is more elaborate than your standard Dynasty Warriors characters.