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Black Rock Shooter Anime Delayed

The Black Rock Shooter Anime has been delayed. Follow the link for more information.

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koga884076d ago

Hope the studio doesn't pull a Denpa Onna and release unaired episodes on Blu-ray only if the series runs too far into the Spring 2012 season.

koga884076d ago

Agreed, Denpa Onna's final episode isn't even airing until the final Blu-ray release which is just coming out now. Way after the original airing.

futurefrog4076d ago

That really sucks man. Hopefully Black Rock Shooter won't suffer the same fate thanks to delays.

masterabbott4076d ago

Cant believe they are delaying this one far out, now i have to wait longer.

LinkageAX4076d ago

What's Blackrock Shooter? Why is it so popular? Can someone enlighten me?

masterabbott4076d ago

good video thanks for sharing this.

JS_CC4076d ago

Same here. I am in the dark about this anime. The name intrigues me.

JS_CC4076d ago

This sucks for the fans of the show. What sucks even more is that they don't provide a reason.

masterabbott4076d ago

agree with you there big time JS_CC i want a reason and i want one now !!!