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Level-5 Plans Continued Ni no Kuni Developments

Andriasang: Level-5 isn't through with its Studio Ghibli tie-up RPG Ni no Kuni just yet! In an interview with 4Gamer, CEO Akihiro Hino said this past week that they have a number of possibilities for developing Ni no Kuni into a series. Such developments would include additional package game releases, he assured.

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rabidpancakeburglar4068d ago

Sounds good as this looks a good wee game

Yi-Long4067d ago

... but it didn't have a great reception in Japan I believe,

... plus I believe it's been announced that the game won't have an option for the original japanese voices when it gets released in the west... which automatically means I won't be picking it up

rabidpancakeburglar4067d ago

I think it did okay review wise but no one bought it for whatever reason )probably other games coming out). If it was anime then that voice thing would be a deal breaker but as it's a game, I'm okay with it.

TheColbertinator4067d ago

Can't wait for NiNoKuni to release.I've waited too long for this.