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One Piece: Kaizoku Musou Treasure Box

The limited edition treasure box comes with a few collectors items at a price tag of $160.

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tayz4065d ago

i want this. very tempted to spend the money! ahhh! have to find the money first!

rabidpancakeburglar4065d ago

It really doesn't seem worth the money, it would cosy you more than the game to get a guide book, a CD and a PS3 theme. I know I wouldn't waste my money on it.

tayz4065d ago

it says there are 9 themes and like 5 of those pins. this is like the first OP game so it deserves everybodys full love!

anasurimbor4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

I bought the Hokuto Musou Treasure Box but this is a no go. Not the biggest One Piece fan (although I'm still gonna get the game), and the box doesn't really offer that much. The HnK one was awesome (as a matter of fact, I woke up to the alarm clock it came with this very morning, I shit you not).