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Naruto Generations: Survival Mode Confirmed

CyberConnect2 has confirmed Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations will have a survival mode.

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tayz4073d ago

they should put in more characters not work on this. survival modes are a big waste of time and super boring!

rabidpancakeburglar4073d ago

I think that survival modes are fun, I like seeing how many characters I can take down n one sitting.

Ryasha4072d ago

I'll gladly take survival mode over adding more characters.
Too many characters ruin a game for me. Its why I haven't touched a DBZ game since Budokai 3. They started making the games seem more like "How many characters can we cram in here?" and less about the actual fun factor.

In any case, I liked that Storm 2 was part adventure, part fighting but with all this new information it looks like Generations will just be going back to being a fighting game just for the sake of having a fighting game. Don't really need another one of those so I probably won't be touching this one.

aDDicteD4072d ago

i agree .. bringing in more characters is way more fun