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Bleach Live-Action Fan Movie

Check out this live-action adaptation of Bleach.

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koga883816d ago

That is probably the worst looking Ichigo I have ever seen. I've seen cosplayers at conventions dressed better than that.

futurefrog3816d ago

Couldn't agree more man. Dreadful!

Lord_Sloth3816d ago

Oh come on! It's not bad for a no budget project the dude's doing in his spare time! Do better or hush!

gaffyh3815d ago

The mask looks crap, but the graphics on the hollow are really good. Over-brightened, too much lens flare and also too much bass in the sound effects. Other than it is ok, but he may as well have made a fully CG scene.

aDDicteD3815d ago

its nice for a fan movie but could had done better