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Review - Japanator Recommends: Clannad: Complete Collection

Japanator's Pedro Cortes writes, "I decided to give Clannad a try, as I heard that it was different enough from Key's previous efforts. How did I like it? Well, you'll have to hit the jump to find out the specific details, but let's just say that I may be willing to give Key another chance."

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D3acon4064d ago

This was one of the series that got back into anime. I would have to say that all the characters portrayed are likable. One of the best things about this anime is that it goes beyond high school and goes into life after school.

You do invest a lot of time with the characters and they do grow on you because they have their different personalities and their own goals just like everybody else. I wish I could have got this on blu ray instead of blu ray.

The author mentioned Air, i've heard the comparison and Air is nothing like this, Clannad is more "natural" in its development. While I did enjoy Air to a certain point I think the links to the story to myth and legend could have been left out and something more realistic would have made a bigger impact. That's just my 2 cents.