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ComicDive 6 Dives into Beijing

ComicDive 6 starts in Beijing tomorrow, what can attendees expect when they attend the show in China? Read this detailed explanation to find out more.

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masterabbott4066d ago

This looks like a great convention if you're into Dojishin comics.

koga884066d ago

Yeah man, those two girls there the one on the left is from Ben-tou and the one on the left with the butterfly in her hair is from Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai.

masterabbott4065d ago

Yes the look hot .. i have to agree with you on that one.

futurefrog4066d ago

Comicdive? More like VOMITDIVE!!!! hahaha

I honestly don't know. I like to say things.

discordman4066d ago

Beijing makes me sing while I devour chicken wing.

thejessbee4066d ago

If only I lived anywhere near Beijing... Who wants to ship me something? :D

masterabbott4065d ago

for a price i believe anyone going to the event will probalby help you.

LinkageAX4065d ago

I can be shipped to your place from Beijing if you like? Play some Xbox and smoke some popcorn. :P

futurefrog4065d ago

This convention appears to be a fun event of fun

LinkageAX4065d ago

Beijing, eh? Sound fun.

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