Anime Say! Episode 5 - Christmas Special

A Special Christmas Edition of Capsule Computers' Anime Say! Check it out.

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thejessbee3592d ago

Christmas is my fave time of the year :D
Gettin your drank on? Nice to see you having fun with it

futurefrog3592d ago

Haha mine too, drinking on is always nice isnt it.

LinkageAX3592d ago

Mine too Jess. Can I spend the night at yours (or you want to spend yours at mine)?

masterabbott3592d ago

Awesome Anime Say, this Luke Halliday bloke knows what he's talking about

masterabbott3592d ago

but we shouldnt let him know that otherwise it might go to his head.

LinkageAX3592d ago

Man that Luke Halliday guy is so hot. <3

masterabbott3592d ago

He knows his stuff, but hot he is not.

discordman3592d ago

Christmas time yet again. Yep. The song at the end though. Interesting.

rabidpancakeburglar3592d ago

I'm not going to get some anime into me but I have bookmarked about 18 mangas that I'm going to read.

futurefrog3591d ago

Haha, manga is just as good. What manga are they?

rabidpancakeburglar3591d ago

Haha you just had to ask. This may take me a while to write.

-Soro no Otoshimono (aka Heavens Lost Property)
-Eden no ori (aka Cage of Eden. Started it and it's great apart from unnecessary sexualisation)
-Supernatural Investigation Department (manhwa)
-Vinland Saga
-Fist of The North Star
-Great Teacher Onizuka
-GTO Shonan 14 Days (apparently a spin off of the one above)
-Kateyko Hitman Reborn
-Ao no exorcist (blue exorcist if you prefer. I watched the anime but apparently the manga is quite a lot better)
-Giant Killing (started and it seems okay)
-History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi(aka Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple)

I think that list should do me for about 2-3 months.