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Japan Working On a Real Mobile Suit Gundam

Gadgehit writes: "Japan has started making big steps in robotic development, as one company has stated its intentions of creating a real mobile suit, similar to those that you see in the Gundam anime series. Hajime Robot researchers are currently working on a 4m biped robot, with a built-in cockpit for a person to control it."

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Neko_Mega4064d ago

Old news, the first Gundam they had standing somewhere in Japan.

gaffyh4064d ago

No, it's an actual one where they are trying to make a working Gundam.

Neko_Mega4064d ago

It is, they are rebuilding it. In less the video is about three years old.

gaffyh4064d ago

The video shows their older versions, but they are working on a 4m version now and in the future and 18m version. That's why the vid is old.

CandyCaptain4064d ago

Not old, unlike that Statue gundam, this will actually function as a gundam! n_______n

tarbis4064d ago

I'd like an Exia please.

r214064d ago

as soon as its done, we are all doomed......or we are going to have some sort futuristic problems involving huge robot wars.

fady2hotty4064d ago

cure for cancer? F it, lets build a gundam instead

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