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Anime Say! Episode 7 - Best Anime Of 2011

For his final Anime Say! of the year, Capsule Computer's anime specialist, Luke Halliday runs down his Top 5 anime of 2011. Did you favourite make the cut? Follow the link to find out!

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futurefrog4052d ago

What does everyone think of this top 5 list?

trendor4052d ago

not enough blue exorcist

gaffyh4052d ago

I agree, loved Blue Exorcist.

masterabbott4052d ago

Hunter Hunter is awesome glad to see that its in your top 5

trendor4051d ago

Hunter x Hunteris no Blue Exorcist in my opinion

rabidpancakeburglar4052d ago

I think that it's lacking mahou shoujo madoka magica. That should be in the top 5 of anyone's favourite anime of the year.

Megaman_nerd4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

Madoka is the single best anime I've seen this entire year. I'm not the kind that likes moe stuff but this anime has a really good story and a couple of really epic plot twists that are gonna break your mind almost at the level of School Days. If you're an anime fan and haven't watched this then what is wrong you? This anime is easily on a top 10 of the best anime in the last 10 years.

Another "decent" animes were:

The World God Only Knows
Blue Exorcist

and that is it. This year has been really weak if you ask me. I watched so much anime just to drop them after 3-4 episodes. Usagi Drop, Kamisama no Memochou, Dog Days, Working!!, Ro-Kyu-Bu!, Infinite Stratos, etc. =/

JS_CC4052d ago

Now you want to make me watch all of these anime. Hunter X Hunter looks like one worth watching, but, if there was one I would watch, UN-GO would be that one.

koga884052d ago

I'd definitely agree with a number of your picks, though I believe Blue Exorcist was the best shonen title this year. Also I'd really not include steins;gate. I would probably replace that with something like Dog Days or Zombie Desu Ka

discordman4052d ago

No Dragon Ball Z Kai or Pokemon? Pathetic list. "Anime fan" you are not sir. Might as well included some kind of Nicktoon.

discordman4052d ago

No one has even heard of those. Rocket Power had more popularity. Rocket Power! After the depth that Pokemon brought to the series with the dark turn of Team Rocket and the struggles of Iris, it's an insult to the brand to not name it in your so called list.

futurefrog4052d ago

You are daft aren't you?

trendor4052d ago

pokemon is heaps old............

discordman4052d ago

A dickhead? Have you even seen the struggles Pikachu has went through? Ash almost didn't win a badge this season. Pokemon is no longer your little brother's anime and it's a shame that it is so widely ignored in your snobby circles. The animes this guy listed with his jump cutting arse are an insult to call better, and frankly, you might as well have listed a carton of milk as even it's dairy blandness would have had more substance than such a half done listing.

EL Lanf4052d ago

No Winter and Summer shows on here? I know they have half the things airing, but Madoka and Usagi Drop? Usagi Drop and Penguindrum were pretty much the only quality new things to start airing in summer, though I know you have beef against the latter. I also really liked Gosick.

Nichijou I found to start off brilliant, but became a bit stagnant later, as it relied too much on the same tricks for too long, 26 episodes is much too long for it. HxH I think is an interesting show show, but its too early to really say if its a jewel of 2011, whilst UN-Go I watched the first episode of, and was thoroughly unimpressed, but given how many people have started praising it mid-way through, I'll get back to it. Steins;Gate was probably my favourite of 2011 - A brilliant show, but not quite a 10/10.

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