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Nisemonogatari TV Anime's 2nd Trailer Streamed

The official website for the Nisemonogatari television anime series began streaming the second 118-second trailer.

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koga884053d ago

Can't wait to see this one when it begins airing. Every teaser trailer just makes it look all the better. If only some company decided to pick up the localization for Bakemonogatari. Even Katanagatari got picked up but this one wouldn't?

Lavalamp4053d ago

Katanagatari? I think you've got it mixed up with Kizumonogatari.

koga884053d ago

Nah, I mean with the localization companies. No one has acquired the first season of the Bakemonogatari series, even the movie Kizumonogatari.

Though NIS America did end up picking up Katanagatari which is made by the same person. Still, although NIS America only subbed the series, it would be good to see them also pick up Bakemonogatari.