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Strike Witches: Season 2 Trailer

The Fandom Post's Chris Beveridge writes, "The lovely ladies of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing are back to battle a new breed of alien invader! The extraterrestrial menace known as the Neuroi have returned to Earth, and even a direct hit won’t stop these monsters. The Strike Witches are Earth’s last line of defense, but they’ll have to learn some new tricks to survive this dogfight — and win the war on pants once and for all!"

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D3acon3994d ago

i liked the first one I thought it was funny.


so they make a season 2 of this but not HOTD..............REALLY ?!

TheColbertinator3994d ago

They are making HOTD Season 2.Its still in production from what I last heard.


till i see proof and a poster or even a teaser of it then my hopes for that amazing show goes down the drain.

DivineHand1253994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )

Edit ignore my comment. i could see the video because it was not available in my country and the website was down.