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Katawa Shoujo available now

After five years in development Katawa Shoujo, a visual novel involving girls with physical disabilities has finally been released.

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discordman4044d ago

I'd stick her nub in places. Plus, you never have to park far away when at the stores.

futurefrog4044d ago

I like the way you think haha

koga884044d ago

I know that that is so wrong, but with the way the game ultimately is it is kind of hard to say you are sick.

futurefrog4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

Blind girls ;)
My pleasure ;))))
AND THEIRS ;)))))))

discordman4044d ago

Unless they have jaundice, as yellow= no no gotta go

futurefrog4044d ago

If they can't say no it's time for us to go go ;) Mute girls yum yum

masterabbott4044d ago

you make me sick !!! Someone should whack you in the back of the head HARD !!!

masterabbott4044d ago

I agree that frog man is very rude.

koga884043d ago

Pretty much all of you are quite nasty. The purpose of the game really isn't for such a low brow reason.