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The Bandai Situation – Assessing the Damage and Causes

The Bandai Situation is heating up. Capsule Computer's Luke Halliday explores the damage and it's cause in this in depth analysis from an industry insider.

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futurefrog2942d ago

This article really clarified a lot of the confusion for me, everyone should read this. The anime industry is not gonna die you idiots lol

masterabbott2942d ago

Yes it wont die, i have to agree with Mr Frog on this one. Good read by the way.

futurefrog2942d ago

Yeah just a lot of people trying to scare people about anime dying. THis is just Bandai Japans fault

trendor2942d ago

yep all the japanese bandai fault

LinkageAX2941d ago

The Anime industry won't die, they make too much on merchandising.

koga882942d ago

They simply cannot believe that most consumers will purchase 2 or 3 episodes of a series for $30 a pack. That equals practically $150 for a whole mini episode set. Instead they feel like charging an insane amount of money for a few episodes when most companies like FUNimation can sell an entire anime package, with all 26 episodes in some cases, for only $49 on sale.

futurefrog2942d ago

Exactly, the market is too different from the Japanese market.

koga882942d ago

Seems like the death of Bandai's anime division was due to out of touch Japanese business men who have no idea how the North American market is nowadays.

masterabbott2942d ago

Those sort of crazy price scams only work in JAPAN where the Japanese will buy anything. Funimation and MADMAN are doing it right. I'd pay $50 for a full series thats normal.

trendor2942d ago

they are rip off artists and got what they deserve

discordman2941d ago

It is concerning, but at least we had something. Maybe they will auction off their rights to more responsible publishers..?

trendor2942d ago

it is. now i will never see nichijou dubb

OtakuStudy2942d ago

A little bit negative there... there are many other companies that would be able to provide an English dub as the license will revert back to the original publishers.

Who knows.... there was technically no guarantee that there was even going to be an English dub in the first place of Nichijou.

badboy992941d ago

nah i think that funimation will pick it up.

Otaku study shut up. You say trendor is being negative then you say the most negative comment yet. Shut up you troll

Tuxedo_Mask2942d ago

I hope another company can secure the rights to all of these Bandai anime, and hopefully they'll handle them right on all aspects. I'd rather not see the rise of another 4Kids kind of company.

koga882941d ago

I think the anime industry in North America is past the time where 4Kids can legitimately lay claim to anything. Sure they still own the rights to a number of series but I don't think they'll be picking up any long running or even interesting series anymore.

Chances are we'll see at least one of the shows picked up by an American company. Sentai Filmworks licensed Un-Go and Heaven's Memo Pad so there is a good chance they will also pick up GOSICK now. Nichijou may not see any localization now, but NIS America may be interested in it.

Tuxedo_Mask2941d ago

I hope so, all of this news just makes me want to start my own localization/distribution company just so I'll be sure that anime will continue to flow westward. I'm not exactly sure how I would go about it or how much money I'd have to have to even start something like that though.

LinkageAX2941d ago

Yeah, it'd be a shame to see them go.

D3acon2941d ago

Looks like funination may be increasing their library. There are series I loved like k on, I was hoping for a reasonable box set price, especially after the great movie release.

I personally only buy complete anime series, or by season, buying 7 volumes with 2 or 3 episodes for around $25 each is not an option for me.

badboy992941d ago

yeah exact same with me, its just too much of a rip off

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The story is too old to be commented.